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Name: Jay

Age: 21

Location: Columbus, GA

Cars owned: 91 Ford explorer 4.0 v6 auto, 95 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 v6 auto, 90 Acura Integra 1.8 I4 manual, 92 Honda Civic 1.8 I4 swapped manual

Current DD: 98 Dodge Dakota "sport" 5.2 manual

Whats up everybody! As you can see I have owned a wide variety of cars and makes. I started getting into performance and customization with the Honda and the Acura. I have been working on my own vehicles for just over two years now. I traded my b18a civic to a buddy of mine for his 2wd dakota 5.2 v8 manual tranny because I wanted something different. I have always preferred trucks over cars anyways. This is my first v8!! Mods already on the 318 when I traded are Throttle body spacer (I know, pointless on Electronic fuel injection haha) and a 1/4 mile chip. The rear end has tractrion bars on the leaf springs, and my buddy told me that its to hold the "ass-end" down if I were to ever "gas it." It has some type of aftermarket muffler tip that makes that v8 sound like a BEAST! yet its not an annoying grgrgrgrahgrah, but more of a muscle low bass tone, just the way I like it. I'm not really into full show cars, or bags on trucks with all do repsect. I'm more into looking clean, pretty much stock with some aftermarket goodies (but still having a stock/factory look), I'm not into raising 2WD trucks so in this case its not going to be lifted, but I'm willing to do a mild 2" to 3" drop, I like rims that are not too small yet not to big, (in this case I think 17" looks great for this pick-up), I love tint, and I absolutley love a great performing engine (meaning fast!) This is my first pick-up and v8. I'm hoping to learn a lot from all of you, and will return the favor with my knowledge and previous experiences.

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