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this group is all about dakota owners that wanna lift their truck, but dont really know what they need to accomplish it. So other owners can give advice to one another.
10 3
This is a group for people who have Dakotas in Texas, we can help each other out when we need help doing anything too our Dakotas.
1 0
Any Dakota any year with 20"s or more.
17 1
Southern Maryland Members
16 5
For any one on air ride.
21 4
Discuss anything about the 3rd Gen Here.
30 3
For talk about everything and anything dakota and nevada related, and helping one another.
1 0
For ppl in TN with dakota's they plan to fix up or are already fixed up
1 0
Unite canadian dakota owners..
14 1
This group is for anyone and everyone who needs help doing anything to their truck. Wiring, stereo, suspension, etc...Let's help the brothas and sistas out if we can and keep the dakota family strong.
36 9
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