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Conversation Between 1LOUDRT and Blue Sickota
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  1. Blue Sickota
    03-12-2012 05:51 PM - permalink
    Blue Sickota
    thank you for the advice! so far the tv is coming out pretty good. I ended up moving my heater control and cd player to a custom center console I built along with extending all the wires. still need to cut out the backing for the tv to sit nice when the dash is put back in
  2. 1LOUDRT
    02-08-2012 02:32 PM - permalink
    not easy with the amount of room I had to play with - I also had to cut out alot of the dash that is behind the screen so it could fit right. I posted pictures in my build log- Good luck- Just be patient
  3. Blue Sickota
    01-30-2012 08:22 AM - permalink
    Blue Sickota
    hey man just have a question for you, I was wondering how hard it was to build the flush mounted tv in your dash bezel? I am plaining on building on in my 2004 dakota. some tips would be helpful! have a good day
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