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    04-29-2010 06:47 AM - permalink
    Btw, your walking cane is in the mail buddy, it should be there by the weekend
    04-27-2010 03:15 PM - permalink
    Happy Birthday oh great dakman!!
    11-16-2009 10:29 AM - permalink
    I have solved the ecm problem, just moved up to a 5.9 ecm. Had some guys tell me that thats what they did with no problems. As far as the intake, the "hughes" version is a little cheaper than eddy's. I think im going to do a 408. Im going to ring my 5.2 until i can get the funds for the stroker. Ive been looking for a tremec, but cant seem to find one for my truck. What did you go through to part yours together?
    10-07-2009 12:30 PM - permalink
    I read parts of a thread from another member and in one reply you told him that you would help in any way you could. I am new here myself, and ready to find a 6' rope and a 12' tree! I have had 7 Dak's since I was 16 (miss my '87 bad) and I have finally gotten the one (95 slt 5.2 manual) I have always really wanted. The problem I have now is the facts that I cant get any tech help, or find reasonable parts for this truck. I cant find an ecm anywhere! B&G wants $650 to flash mine! I have bought a lot of books, and talked to the guys at hughes, and done all kind of research, but my little compass still has a magnet under it! Do you have any ideas about ecm flashing? Good (inexpensive) heads? I am going to get a hughes air gap intake as soon as they are back in stock along with one of their reground cams and i have a guy that is going to port my throttle body to 50mm. Any help would be appreciated, sorry for taking so much time! LOVE the truck, by the way....
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