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Conversation Between moore_716 and ScaryCary
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  1. ScaryCary
    03-22-2009 11:14 AM - permalink
    Hi Mike,

    Didn't you mention to me a little while back that you make billet dress up kits for my 3.9 V6?
    Let me know Mike, I'm interested.


  2. ScaryCary
    03-16-2009 09:42 PM - permalink
    Nice MIke,

    I'm a little late eh. Just now viewing the slide show.. =P
    We need to talk billet..
    You have a lowering kit on your Dakota? Sits nice man. I have a new Hotchkis kit complete TVS system with Bilstein shocks I want/need to put on. I'm going to make that the last mod to my truck.
    Love those billet goodies man.
    I'm interested.

  3. ScaryCary
    03-10-2009 04:34 PM - permalink
    Thanks again for refering him to me. Dwight seems like just a hella nice/fun guy.
    Can you tell me a little of what kind of billet parts you make for my 3.9?
    Do you have any pictures I can look at?
    And one more thing. Is your Dakota a 3.9 too?
    Sure a nice looking truck. Love the color! =)

    Anyway, My name is Cary and it's nice to really meet you.

  4. ScaryCary
    03-10-2009 02:34 PM - permalink
    Hey moore,

    I went with the stock V8 throttle body from dwight. I guess it's not as pretty as the modified ones. So I finally figured out you can't buy brand spanken new Throttle bodies for 3.9 5.or 5.9's anymore. I heard that companies like flometrics, speedtweaks used to sell brand new billet throttle bodies?? So, used is my only option when it comes to the throttle bodies?
    Also, would it make sense to switch my 3 V6 sensors by my Throttle body to 3 V8 sensors, or do I keep the original 3.9 V6 senors and let the pcm figure it out eventually?

    Thanks for the help.

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