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  1. New Member Introductions
    New to the site. These are pictures of my 94 marklll Dakota.
  2. I have a Question?
    I have an 1989 Dakota convertible 3.9 v6. I would love to put a V8 in it. I am school teacher at a group home for foster kids. I do not get paid much. So I wonder what the costs, modifications, and time envolved. If it is not to much mod's (no welding), I can do it myself. My truck has...
  3. I have a Question?
    I just got my Frame patch from the old rack and pinion pulled out of the frame on 1989 Dakota convertible. It is on now. I was put on the Power steering pump. The bolt hole on the timing chain cover for the pump was dirt. I clean it out with a eye glass screw driver with little...
  4. I have a Question?
    I just replace my rack and pinion it is on, and replacing the power steering unit with hoses. I forgot how to put it back together? Can someone take picture from top and bottom or email me a pictures of a assembly. I can not figure it out.? Please help. It is 1989 dodge Convertible...
1-4 of 4 Results