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  1. For Sale
    i got a 02 dakota 2 and half door 4x4 auto with just about entire thing for parts for sale.
  2. I have a Question?
    I'm pretty much a noob at diagnosing problems with all vehicles in general, so please bear with me and go easy. Anyways I have a 01 with a 4.7, 4wd. My exhaust will have a funny smell to it every once and a while, there is no smoke and I haven't experienced any power loss, at least that I have...
  3. For Sale
    Im located in SouthEast Mass, its my baby, but I'm replacing it with an 05 Titan LE and need the cash. 01 4.7 4x4 Auto, 81K miles, runs perfect. Leather Interior, Nitto TG 265-75-16's with ~50-60% tread left. T-Bars cranked with AAL's in the rear, Toolbox, Bedliner, Gorgeous truck no rot. I...
  4. V8 Performance
    Hey guys, I tried searching but couldnt find an answer. I was under the truck the other day and noticed that theres two catalytic converters up on the y pipe near each manifold, then a big 3rd cat that is mounted near the transfer case. The aft most cat has no sensors anywhere near it, so my...
1-4 of 4 Results