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  1. V8 Performance
    I didn't find a post completely devoted to this upgrade so I figured I'd start it off. I think I found the greatest upgrade for the 4.7L (with help from HemiDak on, the 2002 Jeep GC TCM swap. Personally, I Haven't been able to try it out but I have done enough reads on it...
  2. Engine/Performance Mods
    well i was real board at work on friday, so i decided to play around with rerouting the belt to get rid of the A/C. Well i found a way to rerun the belt with out changing anything. I went to 6 parts stores yesterday to find a belt that would fit. All i can say is that this would have been so...
  3. For Sale
    I am selling my 25% underdrive pulley off of my 4.7L dakota. I am going boosted, so this is the only reason I no longer need it. The pulley made a very noticeable difference on my truck, and i loved every minute of it. They are good for 8+HP 27+lb of torque. Works with 00-07 4.7L's, Part#...
1-3 of 3 Results