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  1. For Sale
    Ok this is a feeler. Some of you know i produce wilwood brake kits for dakotas and durangos. I have been approached by man to produce his brackets to install viper calipers and rotors onto 03/04 spindles. Anyone be interested in this. This is a feeler thread. Trying to get some feedback on this...
  2. I have a Question?
    I have a 1992 Dodge Dakota w/ ABS. Upon purchasing this truck, I had my mechanic replace ALL of the brake lines. While doing this he busted a fitting on the ABS proportioning valve, and told me I was screwed and would no longer have ABS because he couldn't find the fitting he needed to...
  3. Audio and Electrical
    ok its ironic to say the least, she is just about ready to go through inspection, and all of a sudden my brake lights stop working. so i started with the basics, bulbs are good, so i went to the brake light switch under the dash, heres where the fun begins. the original has a connector that has...
1-3 of 3 Results