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  1. General Dakota Discussion
    Hello everybody. I have a 2000 Dakota with the V6 automatic shift on the fly 4x4 standard cab. Battery died due to the extreme cold we had in NY here. Now that there's some juice in it, my dash is now reading "No Bus" in the odometer and all the lights blink on and off on the dash and I don't...
  2. I have a Question?
    I have a v8 and need new battery cables, as in I NEED new cables. However, can't find them anywhere. Parts were discontinued years ago and aftermarket parts don't even look like the old ones. Suggestions?
  3. Audio and Electrical
    Can't for the life of me find the diagram for the electrical bit in the Chilton's, anyone have a shop manual handy that'll find the diagram for a 1991 with the V6 or at 1995 with a V6? And, maybe even weirder, there is no washer fluid level sensor available for the '91 so I had to get a 1995's...
  4. Audio and Electrical
    So, I've got a 97' Dak with a 3.9l mag, 5 spd manual. The other day something strange happened.. I started the truck, everything was normal for a few seconds and then the heat blower, the radio, dome light, and dash lights stopped working. I got home, figured it was a blown fuse or two.. and...
  5. Audio and Electrical
    ok its ironic to say the least, she is just about ready to go through inspection, and all of a sudden my brake lights stop working. so i started with the basics, bulbs are good, so i went to the brake light switch under the dash, heres where the fun begins. the original has a connector that has...
1-5 of 5 Results