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  1. Engine/Performance Mods
    Since this is a dodge forum... I picked up a 2010 RT 6 speed today sick car. Couldnt justify extra 10 grand for an SRT. Is the suspension and all the same on the RT and SRT? I got it for 27500 new with 20 inch chrome rims, 6, speed, and sun roof. How did I do price wise? I want to run a K&N...
  2. V8 Performance
    As of now my truck has custom made true dual exhaust but i wanna side pipe it. One problem is the mufflers are set back towards rear end leaving no room for the 45's. So if i cut the piping and set the forward more i can get the space i need but my concern is that should i run new pipes over...
  3. V8 Performance
    i have a 4.7l dakota and im lookin to do an exhaust im looking at magnaflows cat back kit and also thinking maybe a borla muffler and a magnaflow tail pipe any feedback on what to do would be helpful thanks jim
1-3 of 3 Results