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  1. For Sale
    I have for sale DJM 2-3" lowering springs that i no longer need. I only drove on them for about 500 miles. after that i installed lower control arms and now i cant have the springs on. starting price is gonna be $100 + shiping (should be about 30) pm me for more info
  2. For Sale
    Lowering Kit $500.00 Hotchkis lowering kit with swaybars, front springs, rear springs and a set of Bilstein AK 1215 shocks. All new in boxes. Kit will fit 1998-2006 Dodge Dakota and Darango 2wd trucks. Items are heavy, local pick up in Los Angeles only. $500.00
  3. For Sale
    Hotchkis lowering kit with swaybars front springs rear springs and a set of Bilstein AK 1215 shocks all new in boxes. Kit will fit I belive 1998-2006 Dodge Dakota and Darango 2wd trucks I will not ship items to heavy pick up only. I live in the Los Angeles area I would like to get 650.00 for...
  4. Suspension Forum
    Ive been searching but no real success. I got lowering springs I believe theyre western chassis for the front, 3" drop I believe. Any recommendations/ links to shocks that'll work with that? I wanna drop the front (already did the rear) but the trucks got 100K on it and I don't wanna do the...
  5. Wanted to buy
    i need to get my hands on a lowering kit i have $350 to spend <---- max roll pan and tail lights will be upon price . for the tail lights im looking tail lights to be smoked
  6. Suspension Forum
    Ok so im looking at about $350 im going to be able to spend on dropping my truck i need some ideas for the best drop kit for that. I want to drop the rear at the minium 3 in but preferre 4 in drop and 2in - 3in in the front i need you help!!!!!! *yes i cant spell
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey whats up? I'm sgt jason r scowden in the us army. Upon coming back from my deployment i knew i wanted a project vehicle. My dad has a dodge ram so i went looking and for my 99 dakota sport. It was perfect needed some work but ran fine. I put a cherrybomb thrust muffler on it along with a...
1-7 of 7 Results