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  1. Suspension Mods
    I just purchased a99 slt with a 5.2L v8 magnum and 44re automatic transmission. it has 32x11.50r15 tires and was wondering if it is lifted. I was told that 32s won't fit unless lifted.
  2. Suspension Forum
    I have searched the entire internet top to bottom looking for a lift kit. So mad that the 5.5" one isn't applicable after 99'. I know about body lifts and all the 3+2" keys and blocks and I know about the $3,000 3+2" Rancho kit but that's not what I want. I heard Truckin Suspenion was the only...
  3. Suspension Forum
    Just picked up my first Dakota its a 92 single cab short bed 4x4 with 318. I wanna level it and then maybe go 2 inch body lift just to fit bigger tires. I currently have 30/9.50R15's on it but they rub when i turn. I wanna go 31/11.50R15. So could anyone point be in the right direction for a...
  4. Suspension Mods
    Jack My Ride - Jack My Ride: Dakota Suspension Lift Kits and 4x4 Accessories for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Years Suspension lift kit installation instructions.:049:
  5. Canada
    I'm looking for a suspension lift of any size for my 2000 dakota sport 4x4, im aware of the rancho 3" suspension lift but cant find any at the moment but do you guys know of any other lifts out there? i was also planning on getting a 3" PA body lift and would there be any problems with combining...
  6. Suspension Forum
    These seam to be fun an intertaining for everyone so is you truck stock, static(dropped), bagged, other oh yeah, the poll expires 02-27-2010 Edit: the poll is expired The Results Are 1st Static 17 2nd Bagged 9 3rd Stock 6 4th Other 1
1-6 of 6 Results