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  1. For Sale
    i have a complete big block swap for an 87 - 96 dakota, this is no cheap ebay kit, it was about 1600 when i got it, now its HPDAKB (Dakota B/RB Oil Pan Package with Uncoated Headers) - $1282 + $90 S&H, on their website, im asking $600, please pm me if interested! thanks
  2. V8 Performance
    i have a 93 dakota 318 2wd with the a500 tranny, the 318 is about to get built and i rather just go ahead and install the 727 and never have to worry about tranny problems, i was wondering if anyone has done this swap and what all needs to be done, if i need to change the tranny mount? any...
  3. General Dakota Discussion
    Howdy. I have a 1989 Dakota with a 3.9l V6 and an automatic. I really like this truck, but I wish it were a standard. I've found several manual transmissions for sale, but they all say they are for the 4cyl. Do they use the same transmission? Or if not, can someone give me a part...
  4. I have a Question?
    Hey everyone, So like the title says, I'm planning on converting a 2000 2wd, quadcab dakota into diesel. I'll be putting in a Cummins 6-BT. This is something that seems almost unheard in a 2wd, and I'm a little worried, mostly about it fitting. after going over it, i thought of cross member...
  5. V6 Performance
    okay so here is what i have going on,,, i own a 91 v6 dakota,, all my mods are listed below,,,, i just recently installed a 93 318 holley throttle body on my truck,, direct bolt up and everything went smoothly throughout the installation, after instalation i worked the throttle a couple of times...
1-5 of 5 Results