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Ok so we have finished Several Big Brake kits for 1997-2002 and now we have started on Big Brake kits for the 2wd 1996 and earlier 1/2 Gen dakotas. He have 4 different options currently.


1. Stock dakota rotor/hub using a Wilwood 4 piston Caliper

2. Stock Sized (11.30") 3rd Gen dakota rotor (1997-2002) but with use of a modular hub/bearing assembly that allows removal of rotor with out messing with the internal bearings and grease.

3. Upgraded further is the use of a 2nd Viper Rotor 13" that also uses the modular hub and 4 piston Wilwood Caliper.

4. And last being the use of a 13" Viper Rotor and using a 2nd Gen Brembo Viper Caliper along with the modular hub assembly.

Here is some pictures of the 2nd option being installed to be tested shortly...

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