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18 or 20" Rims Wanted

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I am in search of some 18 or 20" rims. They MUST TUCK ! ! ! Anyone got any hookups? I can get Boyds at dealer cost, but there still expensive. . . anyone else?
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haha wheels that tuck that are not expensive ?!?!?!? thats funny lol
5x4.5 lug pattern and all sorts of options open up.
So how much would you charge to drill the pattern out?
hey i have a set of BOSS 20 inch rims with falken tires under 700km on them i am asking 2500 but u can make me an offer if you want? let me kno


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dylan.c.... dude i know your new... but you just bumped a thread that died 03-02-2004.

i doubt the op is still lookin
im glad he did, i have not seen katoicdakotas truck in forever. i looked on the other day, it seemed like it was full of spam.
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