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1987 Dodge Dakota "Indianapolis 500 Official Truck" - $2500 (Northwestern IN)

I've decided to get rid of my 1987 Dodge Dakota "Indianapolis 500 Official Truck",
About the package: Though numbers vary depending on where you look (Chrysler failed to keep track) there were an estimated 800 of these trucks built for use and Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the running of the Indy 500 in 1987. Some trucks were given the "trackside" package, like mine, while others were given a "streetside" package which included different graphics. I honestly believe that there weren't as many trucks built as some seem to say, but this one is numbered and well equipped.

Some features of this particular truck:
- 3.9L V6 Engine, LA series, carburated.
- A998 3 speed automatic transmission with lockup torque converter
- Air (was working, may need recharged again)
- Cruise Control (non-working)
- Power Steering
- Power front Disc brakes with heavy duty rear drums (redone ~6k miles ago)
- New Process transfer case (serviced ~6k miles ago)
- 7.25 front differential/8.25 rear differential with 3.54:1 ratio. (serviced ~6k miles ago)
- Original fog lights with special covers and off road light bar from a 1989 sport Dakota (both unworking)
- General Tire Grabber AT2 Tires (new 6k miles/10 months ago)

I got the truck last spring and spent most of the summer going through the truck and making sure it was 100% road ready, so the fuel and brake lines were replaced along with all of the brake system components (minus calipers). I also sandblasted and applied roll-on bedliner to most of the frame while I had it apart. I restored the rare aluminum wheels and wrapped them in new tires, which work well - especially in snow. I took it to Indianapolis to drive to and from school and it did well, though parking the longbed truck in a spot made for a compact car could be entertaining.

Though the truck operates well it does have it's share of issues, as would any 26 year old truck with almost 180k miles. The main issue with the truck is clearly rust, but as I intended on restoring the truck I did get a few nice rust free parts for it so all that would be needed to make the body nice again is a passenger door and bedsides. The other main issue is that the carburetor is from a 318 truck, which works, but it's a little picky at low rpm operation and doesn't care to idle well in gear. There are other small things wrong with the truck but nothing extreme that would cause it to not be reliable.

Included with the truck is a large amount of spare parts from a 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport that I parted out earlier this year, including extra aluminum wheels, engine (3.9 L fuel injected, 199k miles), transmission (a500 overdrive 199k miles), transfer case (New process 231D,199k miles), front and rear differentials with 3.90:1 gears, extra front axles, extra brake parts, and plenty of other odds and ends.

I'm asking $2500 for the truck with all of the extra parts
I would definitely entertain trades, I prefer Mopar trades I wouldn't mind seeing what else is out there, worst I can say is no thank you.

The truck is located in Culver, IN which is roughly 2.5-3 hours north of Indianapolis. It could easily be driven to Indianapolis but I'm not sure if all the parts could fit in it!

You can email me or text me (no calls please) at (317) 698 2923, Nigerian princes need not apply.
Thanks for looking!
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