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3.7 hemifever tuner

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I just got my tuner in from hemifever yesterday but due to work I won't be able to get the 180 thermostat in until tomorrow. Then I will hook up the tuner and see how it goes. We are still a little skeptical but according to all the numbers it should work so we shall see. I will keep everyone posted.:049:
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it's not a hemifever tuner.... it's a SCT x-cal, or just SCT to most. Sean (hemifever) is just 1 of many guys that sell and write tunes to upload on the SCT
ahh ok are they any good on the 3.7? meaning worth the money?
I haven't heard anyone's feedback specifically from the 3.7.... but I have not heard anyone that was not impressed with the improvement. If you pay for unlimited tunes you can update the program to suit any mods you do in the future
thanks thats a bit pricey but i guess everything is with a 3.7 haha how much hp on average are they good for?
No idea..... and on closer look, they don't list availability for the 3.7 so you might call SCT or email Sean (Hemifever) just to be sure
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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