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I have a 1992 3.9 Auto 2WD Dakota and Im having some strange issues...

It started one day when it was running in the parking lot and it was idling funny... it'd jump from 500 RPM to about 1000RPM with no one touching the gas... Then on the way home the truck just went dead as I pulled into the driveway.

Ok, I had a mechanic look and he replaced the heat sensor (never heard of one of those anyways)... Well, it's still idling the same and when you romp the gas while idling it makes a loud "SUCK" noise... And there is a LOUD sucking noise coming from the intake while idling.. it starts off quiet and gets louder until the point where people around me walk away scared that its going to blow. It's a loud hissing or sucking noise.. It's hard to describe.

Along with those symptoms, it's known to just go dead at time (maybe that's fixed not sure since mechanic worked on it) and when starting out it wont go very fast at ALL... im talking over 5MPH... It's really annoying and confusing! I'm thinking about running some seafoam through it and seeing what that does....

OH, someone put RUBBING ALCHOL in my gas tank because they though I had water in it... That may be the cause of some symptoms but all of them??? Just tell me what you guys think!

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