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3.9 towing capacity

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i was just wondering how a 3.9 2wd without posi would do with towing a 18ft nitro bass boat. anyone towed anything same weight? not sure on the exact weight. should be about 2500 fully loaded.
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I've towed 4500+lbs with my truck. It was a 91 mustang gt (3400 lbs) and a heavy ass beaver tail trailer (1200+ lbs) But i also has air shocks so my truck never sagged. Looked stock with them aired up. Just dont get in a hurry, the 3.9 has the power and torque to pull pretty much anything, just not anytime fast.
the dakota i got i know used to pull a 14ft box trailer and it wasnt a featherlite or anything dont know how much that weighs
what about traction? if i hit sand trying to pull it out of the lake, im afraid my one wheel will start to spin
yea traction will be an issue esp, in sand

i pulled a PT cruiser with my 2.5, even stopped
Yeah, just be careful... if you get stuck im sure there will be a willing sole around to help you with a 4x4.... :D
ya i bet there would, or i can just spin till i hit the concrete then i could get traction
I towed a 08 Harley-Davidson ultra classic on a 12 ft utility trailer loaded down to the gizzards truck loaded down too prob towed about 3500 lbs total from northeast Ohio down to daytona beach Florida didn't have any problems other than jumping in and out of over drive a lot going up and down the mountains and really bad gas mileage but had no problems b4 my mods I have now . I tow a 18 ft lund about 25 min from lake eire that weighs about 3000 no problems towing
i pull our 18ft heavy i/o boat no problems but i have the 3.7
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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