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Well, my sister managed to break her key off in the ignition and I couldn't get it out. So we called a lock smith and he couldn't either. So our dad orderedthe part and it won't be here until tomorrow. Well, my sisters classes start tomorrow morning at Neuman University in PA so my wife, son, and I are taking a trip to drop off my sister.

I found someone in MD giving away a stock itake manifold that I want to pick up and mod it in my sparetime then swap over o to my truck once i'm done since it's my DD and I work 6 days a week.

And while I'm passing through deleware I'm going to be stopping for a few cartons of cigarettes since they're 7.65 a pack here. 52$ for 10 packs sounds amazing :)

I was bored and figured I'd post up my adventure filled evening!

Anyone else ever done some random errands and end up in a few states in short amount of hours?

When I was 16 I went to Michigan to visit my family and my aunt and I took the jetskis to Canada for breakfast. That was pretty cool to say I went to another country JUST for breakfast ON A JETSKI!

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