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92 dakota 3.9 to 92 dakota 318 swap

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ive got a 3.9 seized and i found a 318 with a computer and wiring for 150.. where to i need to rewire for a 318 and will motor mounts be the same and what else will need to be swapped of moved
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motor mounts are the same, I have the 3.9 ones on my 5.2. There is really no "re-wiring" just unplug the old harness and computer, stick in the new one and your on the road.

With the 5 speed I would more be worried if the flywheel is the same, is the v6 clutch the same as the 8?

Other then that theres really nothing to worry about. I had to get longer heater hoses, if your keeping the stock fan youll have to trim the shroud. Your v6 rad will be fine.

I garentee if you start friday night you can drive it monday to work
If you are keeping it a stick, you will need the v8 flywheel (I got one if you need it, shoot me a pm) in order to get the propper timing going. The clutch should be the same, but I'd change that as well if I were you. The Ax-15 should hold up, as long as you don't beat on it much.
There is really no "re-wiring" just unplug the old harness and computer
my trucks not at my place right now but where does it unplug from?
theres one big square plug thats bolted to the firewall..then all the plugs for injectors, sensors and a couple grounds.. then the plug for your pcm thats bolted on

You can honestly have the harness out in about a half hour
i got a 94 3.9 there a swap out there that would be as easy as this one??
I hope my 1990 3.9 keeps going Like the fuel economy I get with it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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