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Another stupid bagged dakota

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tag ...... you all are it!!!
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Welcome, throw up some pics of your Dak. From your avatar that thing looks sweet.

you'll find lots there
You got any pics of your front setup? Did you weld a plate in the cup of your a-arm or did you use a cup?
I made my own cups to fit in my stockers...... I just finished my setup today. I'll just ripoff my tires tomorrow and take a few pics for ya

The front is 1/2 blutzlift valves with 2B6 Extended Airlift bags. Homemade bottom cups and SERIOUSLY modified oldschool s-10 cups. I also have a shock relocation kit from
Did you have to angle to lower cups to compensate for the angle of the stock lower control arms? How tall are your cups, upper and lower?
Sortof... I made straight cups and mounted square on the shock mounts.... It'll force the cup into a slight angle mount.... then I put enough distance between the cups and the s-10 top cup is slightly angled the other way. Lays.... 9" of lift( i think)

heres the bottom cup
go to the gallery and create an album and upload pics there.
bottom cups

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I'm working on it. It looks fine in the preview, but doesn't show when you post it. !frustrated Try to post the pic with an external link instead of hotlinking it with the gallery pic.

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