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Any favorites toward a car/truck club?

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Just wondering what is your club affiliation if any?
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[link=hyperlink url][/link] rep'n 12 states so far. Cars& trucks, lowered, bagged & juiced.
ohhhhhhhhhhh my good!!!! its cruznlo....... bout time lol... i love twistedkoncepts... they are always reppin
they suck!!!

I'm with the well known I think we got members in well over 5 cowtowns now! !amazed Yep..... soon we'll be branchin to mabe a major city :?
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:O Funny guys. :p
i love cruznlo.......
Kaotic Kustoms we were around long beore the shop in cali opened up. but its all good.
And Twisted Koncepts Rock those guys are a blast. !violent1 Take a look at my truck (Robert)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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