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Any Ideas on how to tow a bagged truck.

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Tonite I was dropping off my girl and she wanted to look at this street that had christmas lights on it and as we are going down im like, i think theres something wrong with my truck..... Sure nuff, right after that hear a thud and the drivers side dropped. Got it off to the side of the street and looked at it. My lower DJM control arm snapped right next to the ball joint. I can get it off the ground a bit but not much. Anyone have ANY idea on how i can tow this thing? O yea, the tire poped because the control arm cut into it. The control arm pushes on the ground so i can get it about 3" off the ground or so......

Im gonna try and get it towed tommorow so we will see.....

Any ideas would be apreciated. Thanks alot guys, take it easy.
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I'd say just rail that bitch up the flatbed if the driver would let you. You can put the stock control arm on and get a new tire if there is room in the street. Take some pics of the control arm and post them in your gallery. I want to see how it snapped.
I was thinking that but im not sure cause the control arm is what touches the ground and acs like the tire should. We will see. Im looking for factory control arms now. My dad threw mine away cause they were taking up space. HA HA. Not such a good idea nemore. If anyone has any let me know. Thanx
Just got the truck back and it wasnt too hard. We just put on the HUGE spair that was sitting at my house and lifted it a bit and put a slider under that tire and dragged it up the flat bed. I put a pic of the arm in my gallery but not the greatest pic. Should have it off tomorrow. Ill get better pics when i do. Later
Ya know, alot of people have had problems with the DJM's on 'kotas. I had never heard of any prob's with em, but since I said something, everyone who has them has been having prob's. My bad ya'll. DJM sux!
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