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I'll be frank up front, the last time I was driving a truck, Bush's Dad was in office, SUV's were Just sprouting up, and I had no kids. Now through the untimely death of my father, I now own one of the most uniquely built Dakotas Dodge ever assembled. So unique, Dad had to special order the thing. It is an '03 Standard Cab Sport, with the 4.7L v-8, 5 speed with all the power acc. It's best time (stock) was a 13.5 in the 1/4 mile. As a pro stereo installer, though, the truck will have to go through some changes, and quick. As time goes on, I'll try to upload som pix to give those with a reg cab some ideas on what can be done.
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sweet i cant wait to see what you do, cause new ideas are always good
Hey there installer. Can't wait to see the pics. Just got the same type truck except mine is extended cab and no power acc. If you come up with any problems be sure to let us know. Going to be replacing the stock system in mine too soon. just not sure with what just yet.
OK, here's an update after a long 2 day vacation weekend for columbus day. Sunday started with gutting the interior down to the metal and applying no less than 18 sheets of dynamat extreme (of you want caddy quiet with a v-8 on flowmaster, there's no other way) and in the process of reinstalling everything, I installed a pioneer dehp-6700mp deck, sirius tuner and 12 disc changer to upgrade my source for now. Monday, I ended up dropping the thing 2" in the front and 3" in the back for the handling I need (remember my last 4 cars have been high performance Mustangs, and I missed carving corners on the highway to work and back.) After all was said and done late Monday night (round 3 am) the alarm was done, and I was going home. Next, will be the console, new door components, amp rack, and such.

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