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Body kit forsale

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I have a wingswest body kit for sale. Kit includes front bumper side skirts and roll pan, 12 peices all together. The left rear side skirt is customized to match the right side and will be able to run duel exhaust out the sides. All peices are primed so they just have to be sanded and painted. The kit goes for $950.00 plus shipping at I am asking $820.00 shipped! It is the same body kit that kaoticdakota has on his truck EXECPT the front bumper. He has a different one on his truck. You can see it in the gallery. E-mail me if intrested.
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is there any way u would split the pieces up
dude this thread is soooo old and its sold.
just thought i would take a chance thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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