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ok its ironic to say the least, she is just about ready to go through inspection, and all of a sudden my brake lights stop working. so i started with the basics, bulbs are good, so i went to the brake light switch under the dash, heres where the fun begins. the original has a connector that has 4 prongs, where as the one i bought, for a 1993 dodge dakota with a V6, has 6 prongs and is supposedly for a truck with "speed control". now is speed control and cruise control one and the same? but needless to say, the new one didnt fix the problem. so i started prodding around with a circuit tester, and i grounded the tester to the seat slider frame, so i know it was getting grounded. i started poking at the brake light switch connecter under the dash and none of the connectors had power going to them. now i am under the assumption that it should have a constant power running to it at all times, but as i said, there was no power what so ever coming from it. so i looked up in the handy dandy haynes manual electrical schematics, and i noticed that it asll ran through the turn signal switch on the side of the steering comumn, and i also saw that there should have been 3 powers going to the switch, a pink wire, a lifght green wire, and a tan wire. the pink and light green have power, but the tan does not, now could this be the problem i am having? and would anybody know how to remedy this problem quickly and cost effectively? i am getting quite fed up with hgaving stupid little shit like this happen! i checked all of the fuses and all of them are good. i even checked the ones under the hood by the battery. all good. the only thing i can think of is im not getting power from the turn signal switch. and that coul be my isssue right there. does anybody know where this tan wire come from? could it be the ignition off draw? because i am at a loss. but yeah, a little help would be greatly appreciated.

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here are what colors do/what they are going to do

Constant 12V+ Pink/Black Ignition Switch Harness
Starter Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition Dark Blue Ignition Switch Harness
Accessory Black/Orange Ignition Switch Harness
Tach Gray Coil
Brake Switch White or White/Tan Brake Switch
Trunk Pin n/a
Parking Lights Black/Yellow (+) Light Switch
Head Lamp Light Green Light Switch
Hood Pin n/a
Factory Disarm n/a
Door Trigger Yellow (-) Driver's Pin Switch
Door Lock Orange/Purple Driver's Kick Panel
Door Unlock Pink/Purple Reverse Polarity
Horn Wire Dark Green/Red (-) Fuse Panel
Windows Up RF=Light Blue, RF=Brown/White
Windows Down White-White, RF=Purple/White

cruise are these also

Constant 12V+ Pink/Black Ignition Switch Harness or Use Hot Side of Brake
Switched 12V+ Dark Blue Ignition Switch Harness
Ground Use Chassis Near Cruise Control Module
Hot Side of Brake n/a Brake Switch
Cold Side of Brake White or White/Tan Brake Switch
Tach Gray Coil
VSS Wire White/Orange Wire Harness from Trans
Pulses Per Mile 4000 PPM
Rostra Control Arm 250-3421
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