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changing bolt pattern

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I see some of you have changed your bolt pattern to 5x4.5. where do you get this done. I have called around with no luck. my dak is currently getting the air ride treatment and the highest offset wheels that are 6x4.5 that I can find are a +35 offset ( 20 x 8.5) I know you have discussed offset before, but does anyone have bags with this offset. It seams like you all have closer to +40. Thanks for the help.
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my dad owns a welding an machine shop.....we drilled em on a cnc. Plus my 20x8.5 are +45mm
what kind of rims do u have kaotic?
Kmc Tramps......going to go pick out the new wheels tonight though.
what do you guys think of the Oasis Gothics? 22"s
Can you get an Oasis with enough offset?
Oh yeah, the Gothics are badass. I like the B1s too.
i'm narrowing the rearend.... i just have to sell my Kmc's right now.
would you and your dad be interested in filling and drilling mine for me? if so, how much $$$ and when could you do it. I will send you my info in a private message. Thanks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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