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dak for sale

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from post movin up in the world
i am trying to move up in the world. i am lookin at a 98 dak rc 3.7 sport i will know wednesday if i am gettin it it will take them till then to decide if they wanna give me a loan for it

if this happens i will be sellin my'90 i am just postin this for now to see if there would be any intrest in it i am askin 800 for it there arentany real mods to it other than the seats i have seats from a '99 kota in it and an after market tach in it
there are 2 dents that are really noticeable one is in the back passanger corner and one in the front driverside corner of the bumper it is a 5-speed
it would be a great project truck if some one had time to work on it
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I'm interested, but where are you located? I'm in cali. ?! ?!
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