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different intakes

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this may be a dumb question. i'm not too engine savvy, but what's the difference in these two intakes?

isn't the point of an intake to draw in cooler air? the dual intake looks like it'd sit right above the engine taking in hot air making it contradict itself. but i did see it on a users truck here on this forum i think. just curious of the main differences as i'm going to purchase one soon i think.

sorry for the noobness haha
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the idea is almost any aftermarket air intake is going to be able to draw in a larger volume of air, and reduce the turbulence of that air. Stock intake systems are designed to quite the noise of the incoming air and to fit nicely in the space available.... in addition to accommodating various sensors/hoses.

We can argue the heat thing for a month and get nowhere.... sure the longer tubing might get air a few degrees cooler but once the tube heats up there probably won't be much of a difference, if any.

My advice is unless your getting an aftermarket hood to take more advantage of the air intake... just choose the one you like the look of best
The position of the filter is really the only difference. the first would be better performance wise i guess and the 2nd i think looks better. Either way youre not going to see a huge increase either way you go. Heres mine, i like the way it looks even if its robbing me some hp plus it was $30
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ok cool. thanks for the replies. i figured they'd both be pretty close performance-wise. i'm gonna go with the second one probably.
yeah i think it looks cooler and you wouldnt notice much of a change
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