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Fastman Throttle Bodies

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Just curious if anyone has dealt with Fastman and what kind of performance they got out of one he had worked with?
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What size are you looking for I might have one here I can help you out with
I have an 06 3.7...
ok nevermind.. hahaha
You could always take your TB off and port and polish it with a dremel...or just polish it...get one from a junkyard or something and practice on one first...I got three TBs for a 4.7 and I'm in the process of porting and polishing them...its not too hard as long as you have some mechanical know how...
The Fastman has been around for years. I have not used one of his throttle bodies but I've heard alot of good things. Like someone said earlier its not hard to modify one yourself.
Yea i've thought about doing it myslef but my problem is time...I drive 45 min to work and back and I go back and forth between two places that I am staying.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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