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February CDOM nomination time is on!

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Nominations are on for ...​
February Custom Dakota of the Month

Please PM me Alta Boy, or post in this thread, who your pick is to have his/her Dakota displayed on the homepage of the site.​

... Da rulz ...

1. You can nominate up to two (2) separate members each month but you cannot nominate yourself.

2. Previous CDOM winners are ineligible for one full calendar year following their winning month.


The nomination period will close and a voting poll will be posted with the top three nominees on January 25th provided enough nominations are garnered for a voting poll. If you have any questions you can refer to the CDOM Rules and Guidelines thread or PM me.

If you would like to get nominated feel free to post a couple of pics of your Dakota in this thread. Just keep the size and number of pics down to a minimum to avoid 56K death.

If you submit pics of your truck in this thread to garner nominations be prepared to submit your two nominations of other members. You give me your two nominations and your truck pic stays up in this thread. You submit a pic of your Dakota in this thread to garner nominations and don't give me two nominations in exchange? Your post gets turfed!

Good luck everyone! :trink39:​
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wilhavens and moparvick... they're both finally doing work! :p
wilhavens and moparvick... They're both finally doing work! :p
im not eligible until june, but thanks matt....

Pete, can we get a list of who is ineligible? Lol
DevKota and lablu69
wolf and blue dragon
didnt mean to hav e 2 posts thought my pc jacked it up
Imma jump on board with willhavens (gotta go gen 2 lol) and bluedragon cuz it does look nice
godspeed and willhavens
Pete, Are we gunna start a poll soon??
Blue Dragon and Godspeed, and thanks for the nom, Blue Dragon.........
Blue Dragon and Godspeed, and thanks for the nom, Blue Dragon.........
DevKota and lablu69
Wow never thought id be nominated..only one but thats better than none :)

i vote.... porksoda and bluedragon
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