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Fiberglass Headliner

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Do any of you guys have a fiberglassed headliner in your dakotas. I heard some guys making the mod to their mini's but have actually seen one yet. B)
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I was thinkin of doing that in my dak but I ended up with leater and suede. I saw one in a dually before and it looked pretty good
What about carbon fiber?
Iv raised this one from the deep.I goin to fiberglass mine this weekend, all you have to do is buy fiberglass resin and put it on the headliner.Very simple and looks great!!
well take pics so everyone can see. and yeah u are bringing this back from way back when. someone did some searching. but seriously post up pics before and after. i want to do mine and my isnt that big now since the sliding rag went in.
damn you went way back.......i thought of doing this a couple of times also, post lots of pics. And good luck man.
put something in a speaker for Dolby Surround 5.1 or's gonna look plain as hell..

HA me and my buddy was just talkin bout doin that to my truck, but im going to wait untill my headliner starts falling or something. I dont care if ti takes 10 years from now i'll always be a true mini trucker so the mods will never stop...
Yea im about to post one up.Mine was falling down in the back were some dumb ass bodyshop tried to put a quarter panel on my truck(suck ass workmen ship) and got urathane all along it and my rearwindow leaks and i had to redo part of the work.
Going to be pretty wild lookin'! Get ready for your stereo to sound awfully different. With a big piece of hard fiberglass on the roof the sound reflections will take a little getting use to.
What do you guys think of molding some speakers and tweeters in the corners???? I think it would look cool as hell, and sound awesome... keep the stocl locations and have those also???
I think it would be sweet but i dont have money for tweeters to put them in.You would deffinatly have some high frequencys in the truck, you'd have to have some kick ass bass to equal it out .
you dont have money for tweets?!?! i dont know about were your from but i can get tweets all day for 5 bucks a pair and theyr loud as fawk!!! any ways if i ever do mine thats what im gonna do but it depends on if my truck sales or not.. if it dont imma go hog-wild on it but if it does imma buy a dodge d-50 and bag it and drag it
What kind of cheap tweets u talkin about??Id love to find some.The only thing wit me thow is i love infinity and couldnt bare putting in any other manufacturers speakers,but i might for that dollar range.
These be the tweetes id love to put in:
Heres a pic i decided to throw in:
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speakers glassed in the headliner.....couldn't have thought of it better myself.....wait....

Anyone know who it is on the site that has put speakers in there headliner???I think it was on here if not it was, just remembered that a few min ago.
yea theres a shop close to where i live that sell em for 13 bucks a set.. and theres a pawn shop that sells em for 5 bucks a pair and both sets are loud as hell
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