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REALLY good read on tips to save money at the pump. I know a lot of them work. When I went to a friends this past weekend, i drove the speed limits the entire time....i was about a 1/4 tick past the half tank and 5/8th...175 miles on LESS than a half tank....had I kept that up I could have easily went to 300 or more on a full tank....My friends gets 200-210.....difference in driving habits...

Ive also noticed a jump in MPG on roads with lights. If I see a red light up ahead...i let off the gas and not use the breaks from a good distance...just cruise...saved me a lot of gas and brakes over time....

Also, when I'm running around town and not at cruising speed...take the Over drive helps...I swear!

I think ill quit hot roding and listening to exhaust...

Thought id share....
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