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Finally got the front put on!

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It rides so much better now.

ES62's, 1/2" ID line, 1/2" GC ups and downs, on nitrogen. Here is a pic of it sitting down. Ill wash it tomorrow and take some with my other camera.


ps. Cant wait for the rear to get done! !headbang Im hooked

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Looks bad ass. Fronts easy, back can be a pain in the ass! But if it wasnt what fun would it be? Get that bitch laid out tho, we need more quad cabs laid out.
don't let him scare you the back is not that hard. Idid my whole truck in 2 days
More pics, and better pics in gallery. The ones that are all light blue just click and they will load in a larger window.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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