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I know, I know....but the time has come....Ive decided to move on. I had hoped to do a big Turbo project on her, but the cost out weighs the benefits and I'm done. I have my eyes on an SRT10 and a Trans Am at the moment, but I cannot afford to have one and the truck too....

I want to put her up for auction first as you can see.....If I dont get what Im asking for it, To the part vultures she shall go, although I hate the though of making her stock again...:(

The auction will tell you everything you need to know, and if you have any questions, you can PM me though here, but DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR PARTS!!!! At this time she is for sale AS IS....rims and all.

Have a look and I would love for someone who can appreciate her like the members here to get her....:D

Click on me to see!
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