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troubles with 1989 3.9 v6
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I am consider the change. Numerous people total me to go with an older from the 1970's 3l8, 340 if I could find one at a price I could afford

Numerous Questions (since I am at a Mopar fan till I got my truck. Been a fan, and know a lot about chevys. I do not want to put a chevy engine in my truck.

1. can I use the same transmission as for the v6?
2. I am planning on using a carb system, Do I have the disengage the EFI control panel?
3. How about the oxygen senor?
4. oil pan?
5. Special Headers?
6. Up grade the radiator?
7. Front Springs?

I am planning to get my v6 running so I can go get a 318, 340, or 360 what I can find in my budget.

I am planning on rebuilding the engine (any suggestions on low cost, fuel economy, and horsepower, what type of paint to use on the engine?

I am making plans that my kids at the group home for foster kids with behavior problems will help with my engine and truck.

They have so far help me replace the rack and pinion.

Thank you for your time and suggestions.:confused:

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IF you are going to swap to an LA block (premagnum) which is Carbed..... The cheapest/easiest and most affordable way to go is to find a junk yard 318. There are litterly millions of them sitting in junk yards around the country. Since you are a chevy fan, the 318 is Mopar's version of the 350. It was Chrysler's most produced and reliable engine. There is a ton of aftermarket parts out there for them that are quite affordable. Since you want to loose the EFI, you won't need any of that circuitry. Just a good ignition box, and the standard suplemental componets to make a Carbed engine run. Good luck with your quest. Oh and welcome to MOPAR.

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I just took my 3.9EFI out and put in a 318 EFI .... Not sure much on the carb stuff.. but from what I know... ;

- No need for EFI controller with the carb.. remove all wiring BS you won't need much with a carb...
- No need for your O2 sensor... carb is a carb.. no O2 sensor required since its computer controlled and a carb engine is not.
- oil pan is no big deal... you can use the stock pan (provided its from a 2wd application) however I just used a 4x4 pan in my 2wd swap without a problem.
- Headers, stock manifolds doesn't matter... They'll work. Get shorty's it will save you issues if you lower your truck later or bag it. I had to remove my long tubes when I bagged.. hung too low. There are two different kinds of manifolds, get the rear exit kind, not the mid exit they just won't work as where they come down hits your crossmember and won't allow you to bolt your mounts on...
- Use your V6 motor mounts, mount them as the same way they are in the v6.... Simple.
- You won't need to upgrade your rad.. you WILL need to go electric fans.. There is not enough room for belt driven with the length of the 8 cylinders. This applies to pre-91 trucks... Gen 1's... Some people have different understanding of what first gen actually means...
- Springs are fine.. the weight difference isn't huge... basically like a 200lb guy standing on your bumper.... doesn't really affect anything with the extra weight..

Its really easy, especially if your going carb. Check out my swap thread in the Pictures & Media Posts....

Have fun.
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