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Got Boost?

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How many of you guys run a turbo or s/c? What kinda power have you got out of your Dak?
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I was planning on supercharging a 360 but changed my mind when I found a big block to build. I have a brand new autometer sport comp 2 vaccum/boost gauge if your interested let me kno
Im running a powerdyne on my 318... With about 4 # of boost I saw 238hp, and 278 tq at the wheels.... My 318 was rated at 225 at the crank, and add in 20%drive train loss on that, and it had about 180 at the wheels.... Now I am pushing 7-8psi, and should he a bit over 300to the wheels.....hehehe haven't dyno'd it yet with this boost....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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