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I just wanted to let all of those who want an air ride system on there dakotas weather it being a Front/Back kit or a FBSS Give JPKUSTOMS a call They did the whole air ride set up on my truck. Awsome install they did over there. Great prices Just give them a call for any part or a whole system they are truly the way to go. They make sure you have what you need and make sure you dont get anything you really dont need. They can talk to you and help you figure out what you want. And then go from there.

If you look at the pictures of my truck on there web site you will get an idea of the quality of there bussiness is. My whole rear end was custom built all by hand (everylast part on the rear was hand fabbed so we did'nt have to move my gas tank they even went as far as raising my gas tank.

Unbelivable customer service!!!!

check it out

go to the gallery and look for project st.kota and you can see what they did to my truck i will try to get them to post most recent pictures of my truck.
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