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Group Buy Harland Sharp 1.6,1.7 Rockers

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Great news guys! After some hardwork on the phone and on the internet, the
Harland Sharp Group Buy is a GO!! We already have over 20 people already to
make the group buy pricing.
You can purchase the Non-Adjustable 1.6's or 1.7's
for $262 + $10 ship, if you use for credit cards add their
$7.61 service charge.

These rockers fit under factory valve covers with no alterations needed. No
lash adjustments, Custom Billet Roller rocker Construction, No Guideplates,
no Hardened Pushrods needed. They are easy Bolt On Installation averaging 1 1/2
hours to complete taking your time.

Average Dyno and Track power Gains have reported to be 15 -20 HP. Some V6 3.9 owners have reported over a
1 MPG gain in mileage plus power.

Harland Sharp is one of the oldest rocker manufacturers and has a liftetime
warranty to repair or replace their products. These rockers have been in use since 1999 and have been proven track/daily driven quality parts.

Email for details and ordering to [email protected]

The group buy has been extended due to HS giving out over 40 sets of rockers
in the first couple weeks. they ran out of stock and will begin
manufacturing new kits with a 1-2 week backorder delay. if you can't
purchase in the next couple of weeks email me your info and I can hold a
set for you in the buy. I really appreciate all that helped out with their
interest in this group buy. You've made it happen!

V&M racing
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