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I signed up here in March and sorry to say I forgot about it.
Thanks to Alta Boy for helping me remember you guys, glad to be here. Im also a long time member of

As you can tell by my screen name Im from Las Vegas.
I have a '97 RC 4x4 Sport V6. I have a long laundry list of what Ive done and planning on doing.
I also have a 2003 SLT Durango 5.9, have done much yet to her:


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360 Intake
Borla Turbo Muffler
Under Drive Pulley's (crank/alt)
Flex-a-lite Electric fan (removed crank fan)
Optima Red Top
Taylor 8mm wires
3923's Autolite plugs
Napa 180 Superstat
Ported/Polished Throttle Body
It has 3.92 gears with a LSD

2" Body Lift
32x11.50 BFG A/T's
Eagle Alloy 101's
Rancho RSX shocks
Fender Flares
Sir Micheal's Roll Pan
Fog Lights
Window Tint

In the Garage soon to be install:

Reflexion Cowl Hood
1.6 Crower Roller Rocker's
Crower Spring and hardened pushrods
KRC 200 Custom grind camshaft
V8 Throttle Body
Will be porting the Heads & Intake with the install.
Currently looking for headers.

I think thats everything %-6
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