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Hey there fellow Dak owners!

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I came across the link to this site at that other dak site. Too much controversy over there. Anyways, glad to be here. I own a '94 CC SLT 3.9L 2WD. I almost traded it in a couple of months ago for a Ram but decided to hold on to "The Beast". This is the best truck I've ever owned and I decided to fix it up. Don't know exactly what yet. I just know it's got to sound better and run faster. I work in the automotive manufacturing industry(paint engineer). So that's my specialty. I need ideas for the rest.

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.....bag it?

I know twnty of you thought the same thing!!!!
Yeah. Bagging is the best. It's fun to throw the swithces, trip people out when you just dump it. There are so many advantages to it, it's hard to see why you wouldn't want to. Or, you could just fill the cc up with speakers, and see just how far you blast your windshield. HAHAHA.
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