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I know I already posted this once, but I'm putting it in the styling section because that's where it should be and information I have will be lumped into one post.

So Mopar4Life (Russ) on is doing a Group Buy for retrofitted projectors in the clear 2-piece headlights. I figured I'd extend the notice onto here, cause I dont know if Russ (he is ddurango on here I believe) has already posted it here or not.

The deposit to lock into the group buy is $35. He has all the information throughtout the thread, even the information needed to send him money for a deposit to lock yourself into the buy.

The actual price of your headlight retrofit will vary depending on which retrofit option you decide to choose. Remember the price you see is before you subtract the $35 deposit and all prices include shipping.

Russ is starting on the first set, should be done in the next week or so. So be looking for the product pictures.

Link below:
Projector Retrofit Service Group Buy & DIY kits too!
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