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How big?

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What tire and rim sizes are you all running on your lowered Dakotas? Just a poll to find out. Myself....20X9 Crager Boost 840's with 255/35R20's.

I'M LISTENING............
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I'm running 18x8.5 with 235-40's for now. !afro
I've got 20 x 8 Monderas with 275/45/20 Toyo Proxies, But will have to get much smaller tires when the bags go on.
20x8.5 kmc clockers.... 245/35/20
17"kmc venoms for now
*sigh*...time for another dumb question :)

Anyways, im about to lower my R/T 4/5. I have Boyd Coddington Smoothie II 17x8's with +37 Offset and 6" Backspacing. I plan to run 245/40/17's and 255/40/17's out back. Does this sound alright? As previously stated, I tried going with an offset close to around +42 as much as I could..but then again, I know I aint gonna be tucking. I just dont want these bastards sticking out like neg's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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