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So, I just acquired a bare 318 block that I've decided to build up and eventually change out with the mostly stocker that I have in my 92 now... I'm not really sure where to start though as I've never done anything like this before. First off, should I get it bored out and/or ported and polished if so how much and once I figure that out what's the first parts I should get... I've been told start with a crankshaft then go to pistons and camshaft and work my way out from there.

Now I've heard alot of good things about the Mopar Performance Purple Cam but I don't really know much about pistons or crankshafts. (or much about any of the internal working to be perfectly honest) I know I'd like to go with aluminum pistons because I'm told they're not only lighter but can handle higher temps too. As far as head I'm not really sure on that either I was looking into aluminum for that also though.

Basically I'm looking for suggestions on not only where to find good parts to use but also what are good combinations of parts in general. I'm not looking to go crazy and have like 800 horsepower or anything like that but if I can get it around a 300-400 horsepower at the wheels I'll be happy.

I already have a transgo shift kit, K&N intake, and ASP crankshaft pulley. I'm looking into getting a rear end out of an R/T for the higher gear ratio and limited slip, even though I'd prefer posi. I'd really prefer to stick with fuel injected too, and probably no blowers or spray unless I decide to go with like a 50 or 75 shot down the road but nothing big on that end.

So, yeah suggestions are welcome, feel free to email me [email protected] or my yahoo messenger is Bradleyismenotyou
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