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I'm Loving my Project 92 sport "FRANK"

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Hey everyone,

I gotta start by saying I absolutely hated the look of my gen Dakota for as long as I can remember. I was never a Dodge fan. I never did any type of project like this before... Then I picked a wrecked one up for $1000 off of a friend, he bought it new, I figured what the hell. I must admit I was going to slap some paint on it and drive it. I am now a fan of the this gen Dakota, I do like the way it is built, and easy to work on. :trink13: I'm proud to have a truck that you can't just go on a website and just buy and bolt everything on. It represents my style and I'm far from done. Just did the frame restoration, body, almost done with interior, and will be doing motor when time/money permits. Ive done this on a tiiiiiight budget and very little time because I own my own plastics business (we make everything it seems, we manufacture performance urethane auto bushings for a friend/customer).

I put a bunch of pics up of the build on my profile. Can't wait to get this thing street legal and drive!
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