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Laying the front end out

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I was just wondering what it takes to lay out the front of a 99 kota since you can't get spindles from anywhere?
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Dropped control arms. You can use the stock ones, that is what I have. You have to notch part of the upper mount. I have a pic in the gallery. She lays y pipe and is about 1/4" from laying crossmember.
I'm laying front crossmember with stock control arms and trimmed upper mount. Currently have 18's and stock wheelwells.
I lay 20's on the crossmember with no wheel wells ,bagged W/upper/lower control arms.
Which brand of upeer/lower contorl arms?
belive it or not, I got em from aim!!!!
I had some DJM lower control arms and the ball joint fell out backing out of the driveway, so I'm kind of skeptical about them. When I bag my truck, I'll be laying on the stocks, but I want 20's, wishing for 22's.
I did lay on a 26.3" with 3" djm control arms. Right now im layin on my tranny oil pan..... if anyone knows how to help me out with that it would be hella appreciated. I have a 02 4.7L with the 4 speed auto tranny.
My DJM arm just snapped tonite. Would not recomend them anymore. Snaped on the plate that connects the arm and ball joint. Think im ordering the uper and lower arms from brislands tommorow. Late
I started some research about the upper and lower control arms and I found a guy that would make them to any specs you want. Ihave seen his work and must say is WAY better than AIM. I found him on a s-10 site(go figure) He emailed me back with this

"I can make them, I dont have a jig for that truck right now, but I can either get a set of stockers and make one or you can send me one. the uppers are 175 a set and the lowers are 200 a set, they come with new balljoints and energy suspension bushings. they take a couple weeks from order to shipping and you would need to send a down of 50 per set of 2. either paypal, check or money order. "

Michael White
Barnyard Customs
Subculture Texas

I'm seriously considering a set of upper and lower due to problems I'm running into just in baggin...... Figured maybe some of you all might be interested in it too

Heres a post about the arms on
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I have AIM Tubulare upper an lowers too on 20"s laying front cross member (email me for pix) i have to reinforce mine since the truck will hop i kind of bent them a little hehehe !headbang
Thanks for the info pappie1. What exactly would the specs be. I haven't any time to do anything with my ride between work and other crap. But I want my truck to be able to hop.
WHat I got from the guy.... anything you want! He builds to your specs and requirement. Thought about gettin ahold of him and start mappin out a set to lay twinkies easier for the balljoints and remounting the sway n steerin linkadge lower
u should call Mike at barn yard kustoms he has uppers and lowers that r really nice
Yeah, if your willing to wait about 6 months or more.
He doesn't need to call anyone now its layin body on 20"s
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