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For all you 2000 4.7 owners,

Here is a guy's experience with the flash:

"The Leach Flash advances the total ignition timing from whatever you currently have up to 29 degrees at wide open throttle. My total timing before the flash was a lazy 17 degrees. Once I got mine flashed, I picked up a solid 4 tenths at the dragstrip. I also picked up 1.5 miles per gallon on the highway. Once I get done at the strip, I can get 22 mpg on the way home doing 60 mph.

My speed limiter has been set to 220 miles per hour and the rev limiter is at 6800 rpm. I have only bumped the rev limiter once coming out of the burnout box in 2nd gear. Mine is a manual trans, so I set my own shift points.

My current best time at the strip is a 14.14 @ 94.79 mph. You can read more about stuff here: "

Here is his email for those that might have some questions:
[email protected]
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