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Looking for a center console

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I am looking for a center console that is from a Dakota or Durango to put in my 99 Dakota, anyone have or know where I can buy one?

Email- [email protected]
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I have the factory Center Console out of my 97 which is the same as your 99. Its the one that flips up into a seat to make a full bench. I can part with it make an offer of better yet i tade u if u can find me so stock fender flares for my truck no one has any they whant to sell of anything
I need a center console like that. i have been searching all over the internet and cant seem to find one anywhere. Do you have one for sale or do you know where I could get one?
please stop bringing up old threads this thread is over 6 years old, if your looking for a center console post in the wanted to buy section not in 6 year threads
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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